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Authors: Sibylle Sturtz, Uwe Ligges, Andrew Gelman
Title: R2WinBUGS: A Package for Running WinBUGS from R
Abstract: The R2WinBUGS package provides convenient functions to call WinBUGS from R. It automatically writes the data and scripts in a format readable by WinBUGS for processing in batch mode, which is possible since version 1.4. After the WinBUGS process has finished, it is possible either to read the resulting data into R by the package itself--which gives a compact graphical summary of inference and convergence diagnostics--or to use the facilities of the coda package for further analyses of the output. Examples are given to demonstrate the usage of this package.

Page views:: 15304. Submitted: 2004-05-26. Published: 2005-01-07.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v012.i03

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