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Authors: Jason Bond, George Michailides
Title: Interactive Correspondence Analysis in a Dynamic Object-Oriented Environment
Abstract: A highly interactive, user-friendly object-oriented software package written in LispStat is introduced that performs simple and multiple correspondence analysis, and profile analysis. These three techniques are integrated into a single environment driven by a user-friendly graphical interface that takes advantage of Lisp-Stat's advanced graphical capabilities. Techniques that assess the stability of the solution are also introduced. Some of the features of the package include colored graphics, incremental graph zooming capabilities, manual point separation to determine identities of overlapping points, and stability and fit measures. The features of the package are used to show some interesting trends in a large educational dataset.

Page views:: 6166. Submitted: 1997-06-18. Published: 1997-11-03.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v002.i08

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