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Authors: Martin Theus
Title: Interactive Data Visualization using Mondrian
Abstract: This paper presents the Mondrian data visualization software. In addition to standard plots like histograms, barcharts, scatterplots or maps, Mondrian offers advanced plots for high dimensional categorical (mosaic plots) and continuous data (parallel coordinates). All plots are linked and offer various interaction techniques. A special focus is on the seamless integration of categorical data. Unique is Mondrian's special selection technique, which allows advanced selections in complex data sets. Besides loading data from local (ASCII) files it can connect to databases, avoiding a local copy of the data on the client machine.

Mondrian is written in 100% pure JAVA.

Page views:: 17001. Submitted: 2002-07-11. Published: 2002-11-22.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v007.i11

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