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Authors: Douglas P. Wiens
Title: MATCH - A Software Package for Robust Profile Matching Using S-Plus
Abstract: This manual details the implementation of the profile matching techniques introduced in Robust Estimation of Air-Borne Particulate Matter (Wiens, Florence and Hiltz, Environmetrics, 2001 - included as an appendix). The program consists of a collection of functions written in S. It runs in S-Plus, including the student version. A graphical user interface is supplied for easy implementation by a user with only a passing familiarity with S-Plus. A description of the software is given, together with an extensive example of an analysis of a data set using the software.

The software is available at

where it is linked to the listing for Wiens, Florence and Hiltz (2001).

Page views:: 6019. Submitted: 2002-10-06. Published: 2004-04-26.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v010.i01

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