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Authors: David Firth
Title: Bradley-Terry Models in R
Abstract: This paper describes the R add-on package BradleyTerry, which facilitates the specification and fitting of Bradley-Terry logit models to pair-comparison data. Included are the standard "unstructured" Bradley-Terry model, structured versions in which the parameters are related through a linear predictor to explanatory variables, and the possibility of an order or "home advantage" effect. Model fitting is either by maximum likelihood or by bias-reduced maximum likelihood in which the first-order asymptotic bias of parameter estimates is eliminated. Also provided are a simple and efficient approach to handling missing covariate data, and suitably-defined residuals for diagnostic checking of the linear predictor; these are new methodological contributions which will be discussed in greater detail elsewhere.

Page views:: 15484. Submitted: 2004-01-26. Published: 2005-01-07.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v012.i01

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