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Authors: Frederic Udina
Title: Interactive Biplot Construction
Abstract: We analyze and discuss how a generic software to produce biplot graphs should be designed. We describe a data structure appropriate to include the biplot description and we specify the algorithm(s) to be used for several biplot types. We discuss the options the software should offer to the user in two different environments. In a highly interactive environment the user should be able to specify many graphical options and also to change them using the usual interactive tools. The resulting graph needs to be available in several formats, including high quality format for printing. In a web-based environment, the user submits a data file or listing together with some options specified either in a file or using a form. Then the graphic is sent back to the user in one of several possible formats according to the specifications. We review some of the already available software and we present an implementation based in XLISP-STAT. It can be run under Unix or Windows, and it is also part of a service that provides biplot graphs through the web.

Page views:: 14260. Submitted: 2004-06-04. Published: 2005-01-15.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v013.i05

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