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Authors: Guy P. Nason
Title: pinktoe: Semi-automatic Traversal of Trees
Abstract: Tree based methods in S or R are extremely useful and popular. For simple trees and memorable variables it is easy to predict the outcome for a new case using only a standard decision tree diagram. However, for large trees or trees where the variable description is complex the decision tree diagram is often not enough. This article describes pinktoe: an R package containing two tools to assist with the semiautomatic traversal of trees. The PT tool creates a widget for each node to be visited in the tree that is needed to make a decision and permits the user to make decisions using radiobuttons. The pinktoe function generates a suite of HTML and Perl files that permit a CGI-enabled website to issue step-by-step questions to a user wishing to make a prediction using a tree.

Page views:: 6125. Submitted: 2002-09-13. Published: 2005-04-19.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v014.i01

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