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Authors: Ulrike Groemping
Title: Relative Importance for Linear Regression in R: The Package relaimpo
Abstract: Relative importance is a topic that has seen a lot of interest in recent years, particularly in applied work. The R package relaimpo implements six different metrics for assessing relative importance of regressors in the linear model, two of which are recommended - averaging over orderings of regressors and a newly proposed metric (Feldman 2005) called pmvd. Apart from delivering the metrics themselves, relaimpo also provides (exploratory) bootstrap confidence intervals. This paper offers a brief tutorial introduction to the package. The methods and relaimpo's functionality are illustrated using the data set swiss that is generally available in R. The paper targets readers who have a basic understanding of multiple linear regression. For the background of more advanced aspects, references are provided.

Page views:: 43827. Submitted: 2006-01-03. Published: 2006-09-01.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v017.i01

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