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Authors: David Meyer, Achim Zeileis, Kurt Hornik
Title: The Strucplot Framework: Visualizing Multi-way Contingency Tables with vcd
Abstract: This paper describes the "strucplot" framework for the visualization of multi-way contingency tables. Strucplot displays include hierarchical conditional plots such as mosaic, association, and sieve plots, and can be combined into more complex, specialized plots for visualizing conditional independence, GLMs, and the results of independence tests. The framework's modular design allows flexible customization of the plots' graphical appearance, including shading, labeling, spacing, and legend, by means of "graphical appearance control" functions. The framework is provided by the R package vcd.

Page views:: 16465. Submitted: 2005-11-02. Published: 2006-10-19.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v017.i03

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