Using R via PHP for Teaching Purposes: R-php

Angelo Mineo, Alfredo Pontillo

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This paper deals with the R-php statistical software, that is an environment for statistical analysis, freely accessible and attainable through the World Wide Web, based on R. Indeed, this software uses, as "engine" for statistical analyses, R via PHP and its design has been inspired by a paper of de Leeuw (1997). R-php is based on two modules: a base module and a point-and-click module. R-php base allows the simple editing of R code in a form. R-php point-and-click allows some statistical analyses by means of a graphical user interface (GUI): then, to use this module it is not necessary for the user to know the R environment, but all the allowed analyses can be performed by using the computer mouse. We think that this tool could be particularly useful for teaching purposes: one possible use could be in a University computer laboratory to permit a smooth approach of students to R.

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