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Authors: Carlos Javier Pérez, Hansgeorg Schwibbe, Petra Weidner
Title: RAGE: A Java-implemented Visual Random Generator
Abstract: Carefully designed Java applications turn out to be efficient and platform independent tools that can compete well with classical implementations of statistical software. The project presented here is an example underlining this statement for random variate generation. An end-user application called RAGE (Random Variate Generator) is developed to generate random variates from probability distributions. A Java class library called JDiscreteLib has been designed and implemented for the simulation of random variables from the most usual discrete distributions inside RAGE. For each distribution, specific and general algorithms are available for this purpose. RAGE can also be used as an interactive simulation tool for data and data summary visualization.

Page views:: 5798. Submitted: 2006-03-30. Published: 2007-01-31.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v017.i10

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