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Authors: Jogesh G. Babu, Ashish Mahabal
Title: Using R-based VOStat as a Low-Resolution Spectrum Analysis Tool
Abstract: We describe here an online software suite VOStat written mainly for the Virtual Observatory, a novel structure in which astronomers share terabyte scale data. Written mostly in the public-domain statistical computing language and environment R, it can do a variety of statistical analysis on multidimensional, multi-epoch data with errors. Included are techniques which allow astronomers to start with multi-color data in the form of low-resolution spectra and select special kinds of sources in a variety of ways including color outliers. Here we describe the tool and demonstrate it with an example from Palomar-QUEST, a synoptic sky survey.

Page views:: 4872. Submitted: 2006-10-16. Published: 2007-01-10.
Paper: Using R-based VOStat as a Low-Resolution Spectrum Analysis Tool     Download PDF (Downloads: 4686)
DOI: 10.18637/jss.v018.i11

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