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Authors: Roger Peng
Title: A Method for Visualizing Multivariate Time Series Data
Abstract: Visualization and exploratory analysis is an important part of any data analysis and is made more challenging when the data are voluminous and high-dimensional. One such example is environmental monitoring data, which are often collected over time and at multiple locations, resulting in a geographically indexed multivariate time series. Financial data, although not necessarily containing a geographic component, present another source of high-volume multivariate time series data. We present the mvtsplot function which provides a method for visualizing multivariate time series data. We outline the basic design concepts and provide some examples of its usage by applying it to a database of ambient air pollution measurements in the United States and to a hypothetical portfolio of stocks.

Page views:: 18946. Submitted: 2008-01-15. Published: 2008-03-31.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v025.c01

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