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Authors: Dai Feng, Luke Tierney
Title: Computing and Displaying Isosurfaces in R
Abstract: This paper presents R utilities for computing and displaying isosurfaces, or three-dimensional contour surfaces, from a three-dimensional array of function values. A version of the marching cubes algorithm that takes into account face and internal ambiguities is used to compute the isosurfaces. Vectorization is used to ensure adequate performance using only R code. Examples are presented showing contours of theoretical densities, density estimates, and medical imaging data. Rendering can use the rgl package or standard or grid graphics, and a set of tools for representing and rendering surfaces using standard or grid graphics is presented.

Page views:: 11056. Submitted: 2008-05-28. Published: 2008-09-23.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v028.i01

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