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Authors: John A. Kairalla, Christopher S. Coffey, Keith E. Muller
Title: GLUMIP 2.0: SAS/IML Software for Planning Internal Pilots
Abstract: Internal pilot designs involve conducting interim power analysis (without interim data analysis) to modify the final sample size. Recently developed techniques have been described to avoid the type~I error rate inflation inherent to unadjusted hypothesis tests, while still providing the advantages of an internal pilot design. We present GLUMIP 2.0, the latest version of our free SAS/IML software for planning internal pilot studies in the general linear univariate model (GLUM) framework. The new analytic forms incorporated into the updated software solve many problems inherent to current internal pilot techniques for linear models with Gaussian errors. Hence, the GLUMIP 2.0 software makes it easy to perform exact power analysis for internal pilots under the GLUM framework with independent Gaussian errors and fixed predictors.

Page views:: 6070. Submitted: 2007-05-31. Published: 2008-11-13.
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GLUMIP20.iml: SAS/IML source code Download (Downloads: 1177; 59KB) SAS example programs from the paper (with logs and output Download (Downloads: 899; 24KB)

DOI: 10.18637/jss.v028.i07

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