Published by the Foundation for Open Access Statistics Editors-in-chief: Bettina Grün, Torsten Hothorn, Rebecca Killick, Edzer Pebesma, Achim Zeileis    ISSN 1548-7660; CODEN JSSOBK
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Authors: Bettina Grün, Achim Zeileis
Title: Automatic Generation of Exams in R
Abstract: Package exams provides a framework for automatic generation of standardized statistical exams which is especially useful for large-scale exams. To employ the tools, users just need to supply a pool of exercises and a master file controlling the layout of the final PDF document. The exercises are specified in separate Sweave files (containing R code for data generation and LaTeX code for problem and solution description) and the master file is a LaTeX document with some additional control commands. This paper gives an overview of the main design aims and principles as well as strategies for adaptation and extension. Hands-on illustrations---based on example exercises and control files provided in the package---are presented to get new users started easily.

Page views:: 10375. Submitted: 2008-11-10. Published: 2009-02-23.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v029.i10

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