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Authors: Manuel J. A. Eugster, Friedrich Leisch
Title: From Spider-Man to Hero — Archetypal Analysis in R
Abstract: Archetypal analysis has the aim to represent observations in a multivariate data set as convex combinations of extremal points. This approach was introduced by Cutler and Breiman (1994); they defined the concrete problem, laid out the theoretical foundations and presented an algorithm written in Fortran. In this paper we present the R package archetypes which is available on the Comprehensive R Archive Network. The package provides an implementation of the archetypal analysis algorithm within R and different exploratory tools to analyze the algorithm during its execution and its final result. The application of the package is demonstrated on two examples.

Page views:: 9108. Submitted: 2008-12-11. Published: 2009-04-29.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v030.i08

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