BiplotGUI: Interactive Biplots in R

Anthony la Grange, Niël le Roux, Sugnet Gardner-Lubbe

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Biplots simultaneously provide information on both the samples and the variables of a data matrix in two- or three-dimensional representations. The BiplotGUI package provides a graphical user interface for the construction of, interaction with, and manipulation of biplots in R. The samples are represented as points, with coordinates determined either by the choice of biplot, principal coordinate analysis or multidimensional scaling. Various transformations and dissimilarity metrics are available. Information on the original variables is incorporated by linear or non-linear calibrated axes. Goodness-of-fit measures are provided. Additional descriptors can be superimposed, including convex hulls, alpha-bags, point densities and classification regions. Amongst the interactive features are dynamic variable value prediction, zooming and point and axis drag-and-drop. Output can easily be exported to the R workspace for further manipulation. Three-dimensional biplots are incorporated via the rgl package. The user requires almost no knowledge of R syntax.

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