The Enhancement of Teaching Materials for Applied Statistics Courses by Combining Random Number Generation and Portable Document Format Files via LaTeX

Arthur Dryver

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E-books, articles and other documents in portable document format (PDF) files are becoming more common, and they can incorporate videos, hyperlinks, and JavaScript. This article focuses on combining random number generation and PDF files in order to enhance the effectiveness of teaching materials. For example, a traditional textbook might have a few problems per chapter, but by utilizing JavaScript and embedding it within a PDF file, it is possible to create practically an unlimited number of problems with solutions. Another possible use of random number generation for an instructor is to create assignments and exams with unique numbers. The article contains two examples for the reader with their associated JavaScript and LaTeX code. Finally, the paper covers, in general, how to use JavaScript, random number generation, and LaTeX for enhancing teaching materials in terms of instruction and assessment.

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