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Authors: Urbano Lorenzo-Seva, Michel van de Velden, Henk A. L. Kiers
Title: CAR: A MATLAB Package to Compute Correspondence Analysis with Rotations
Abstract: Correspondence analysis (CA) is a popular method that can be used to analyse relationships between categorical variables. Like principal component analysis, CA solutions can be rotated both orthogonally and obliquely to simple structure without affecting the total amount of explained inertia. We describe a MATLAB package for computing CA. The package includes orthogonal and oblique rotation of axes. It is designed not only for advanced users of MATLAB but also for beginners. Analysis can be done using a user-friendly interface, or by using command lines. We illustrate the use of CAR with one example.

Page views:: 10200. Submitted: 2008-12-18. Published: 2009-09-15.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v031.i08

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