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Authors: Rebecca M. Kuiper, Irene Klugkist, Herbert Hoijtink
Title: A Fortran 90 Program for Confirmatory Analysis of Variance
Abstract: There are different confirmatory techniques to compare means, like hypothesis testing and (Bayesian) model selection. However, there is no software package in which these techniques are available. A Fortran 90 program is written, which enables researchers to apply these techniques to their data. Besides traditional hypotheses, like H0 : µ1 = µ2 = µ3 and Hu : µ1, µ2, µ3, order-restricted hypotheses, like µ1 > µ2 > µ3 or µ1 > µ2 = µ3 or µ1 > µ2 < µ3, can be evaluated.

Page views:: 3618. Submitted: 2008-11-12. Published: 2010-05-14.
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Supplements: ConfirmatoryANOVA Fortran sources and C# sources Download (Downloads: 658; 231KB) ConfirmatoryANOVA binaries and tutorials Download (Downloads: 612; 3MB) Input/output/data files for examples from paper Download (Downloads: 595; 6KB)

DOI: 10.18637/jss.v034.i08

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