plink: An R Package for Linking Mixed-Format Tests Using IRT-Based Methods

Jonathan P. Weeks

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The R package plink has been developed to facilitate the linking of mixed-format tests for multiple groups under a common item design using unidimensional and multidimensional IRT-based methods. This paper presents the capabilities of the package in the context of the unidimensional methods. The package supports nine unidimensional item response models (the Rasch model, 1PL, 2PL, 3PL, graded response model, partial credit and generalized partial credit model, nominal response model, and multiple-choice model) and four separate calibration linking methods (mean/sigma, mean/mean, Haebara, and Stocking-Lord). It also includes functions for importing item and/or ability parameters from common IRT software, conducting IRT true-score and observed-score equating, and plotting item response curves and parameter comparison plots.

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