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Authors: Beatriz Goitisolo, Amaya Zárraga
Title: Simultaneous Analysis in S-PLUS: The SimultAn Package
Abstract: In this paper we describe the SimultAn package dedicated to simultaneous analysis. Simultaneous analysis is a new factorial methodology developed for the joint treatment of a set of several data tables. Since the first stage of simultaneous analysis requires a correspondence analysis of each table the package comprises two parts, one for correspondence analysis and one for simultaneous analysis. The package can be used to perform classical correspondence analysis of frequency/contingency tables as well as to perform simultaneous analysis of a set of frequency/contingency tables. In this package, functions for computation, summaries and graphical visualization in two dimensions are provided, including options to display partial rows and supplementary points.

Page views:: 2633. Submitted: 2010-07-22. Published: 2011-04-27.
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SimultAn.ssc: S-PLUS source code Download (Downloads: 654; 54KB)
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v040.i11

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