osDesign: An R Package for the Analysis, Evaluation, and Design of Two-Phase and Case-Control Studies

Sebastien Haneuse, Takumi Saegusa, Thomas Lumley

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The two-phase design has recently received attention in the statistical literature as an extension to the traditional case-control study for settings where a predictor of interest is rare or subject to missclassification. Despite a thorough methodological treatment and the potential for substantial efficiency gains, the two-phase design has not been widely adopted. This may be due, in part, to a lack of general-purpose, readily-available software. The osDesign package for R provides a suite of functions for analyzing data from a two-phase and/or case-control design, as well as evaluating operating characteristics, including bias, efficiency and power. The evaluation is simulation-based, permitting flexible application of the package to a broad range of scientific settings. Using lung cancer mortality data from Ohio, the package is illustrated with a detailed case-study in which two statistical goals are considered: (i) the evaluation of small-sample operating characteristics for two-phase and case-control designs and (ii) the planning and design of a future two-phase study.

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