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Authors: Christoph Müssel, Ludwig Lausser, Markus Maucher, Hans A. Kestler
Title: Multi-Objective Parameter Selection for Classifiers
Abstract: Setting the free parameters of classifiers to different values can have a profound impact on their performance. For some methods, specialized tuning algorithms have been developed. These approaches mostly tune parameters according to a single criterion, such as the cross-validation error. However, it is sometimes desirable to obtain parameter values that optimize several concurrent - often conflicting - criteria. The TunePareto package provides a general and highly customizable framework to select optimal parameters for classifiers according to multiple objectives. Several strategies for sampling and optimizing parameters are supplied. The algorithm determines a set of Pareto-optimal parameter configurations and leaves the ultimate decision on the weighting of objectives to the researcher. Decision support is provided by novel visualization techniques.

Page views:: 4292. Submitted: 2010-08-17. Published: 2012-01-30.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v046.i05

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