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Authors: Thibault Laurent, Anne Ruiz-Gazen, Christine Thomas-Agnan
Title: GeoXp: An R Package for Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis
Abstract: We present GeoXp, an R package implementing interactive graphics for exploratory spatial data analysis. We use a data set concerning public schools of the French Midi- Pyrénées region to illustrate the use of these exploratory techniques based on the coupling between a statistical graph and a map. Besides elementary plots like boxplots, histograms or simple scatterplots, GeoXp also couples maps with Moran scatterplots, variogram clouds, Lorenz curves and other graphical tools. In order to make the most of the multidimensionality of the data, GeoXp includes dimension reduction techniques such as principal components analysis and cluster analysis whose results are also linked to the map.

Page views:: 9979. Submitted: 2009-08-26. Published: 2012-04-17.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v047.i02

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