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Authors: Annamaria Guolo, Cristiano Varin
Title: The R Package metaLik for Likelihood Inference in Meta-Analysis
Abstract: Meta-analysis is a statistical method for combining information from different studies about the same issue of interest. Meta-analysis is widely diffuse in medical investigation and more recently it received a growing interest also in social disciplines. Typical applications involve a small number of studies, thus making ordinary inferential methods based on first-order asymptotics unreliable. More accurate results can be obtained by exploiting the theory of higher-order asymptotics. This paper describes the metaLik package which provides an R implementation of higher-order likelihood methods in meta-analysis. The extension to meta-regression is included. Two real data examples are used to illustrate the capabilities of the package.

Page views:: 2558. Submitted: 2011-11-12. Published: 2012-08-14.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v050.i07

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