RMatlab-app2web: Web Deployment of R/MATLAB Applications

Armin Varmaz, Christian Fieberg, Andreas Varwig

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This paper presents the RMatlab-app2web tool which enables the use of R or MATLAB scripts as CGI programs for generating dynamic web content. RMatlab-app2web is highly adjustable. It can be run on both, Windows and Unix-like systems. CGI scripts written in PHP take information entered on web-based forms on the client browser, pass it to R or MATLAB on the server and display the output on the client browser. Adjustable to the server’s requirements, the data transfer procedure can use either the GET or the POST routine. The application allows to call R or MATLAB to run previously written scripts. It does not allow to run completely flexible user code. We run a multivariate OLS regression to demonstrate the use of the RMatlab-app2web tool.

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