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Authors: Philip Leifeld
Title: texreg: Conversion of Statistical Model Output in R to LATEX and HTML Tables
Abstract: A recurrent task in applied statistics is the (mostly manual) preparation of model output for inclusion in LATEX, Microsoft Word, or HTML documents – usually with more than one model presented in a single table along with several goodness-of-fit statistics. However, statistical models in R have diverse object structures and summary methods, which makes this process cumbersome. This article first develops a set of guidelines for converting statistical model output to LATEX and HTML tables, then assesses to what extent existing packages meet these requirements, and finally presents the texreg package as a solution that meets all of the criteria set out in the beginning. After providing various usage examples, a blueprint for writing custom model extensions is proposed.

Page views:: 12692. Submitted: 2012-10-16. Published: 2013-11-13.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v055.i08

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