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Authors: Jan C Thiele
Title: R Marries NetLogo: Introduction to the RNetLogo Package
Abstract: The RNetLogo package delivers an interface to embed the agent-based modeling platform NetLogo into the R environment with headless (no graphical user interface) or interactive GUI mode. It provides functions to load models, execute commands, push values, and to get values from NetLogo reporters. Such a seamless integration of a widely used agent-based modeling platform with a well-known statistical computing and graphics environment opens up various possibilities. For example, it enables the modeler to design simulation experiments, store simulation results, and analyze simulation output in a more systematic way. It can therefore help close the gaps in agent-based modeling regarding standards of description and analysis. After a short overview of the agent-based modeling approach and the software used here, the paper delivers a step-by-step introduction to the usage of the RNetLogo package by examples.

Page views:: 12363. Submitted: 2012-01-11. Published: 2014-06-25.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v058.i02

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