dawai: An R Package for Discriminant Analysis with Additional Information

David Conde, Miguel Fernández, Bonifacio Salvador, Cristina Rueda

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The incorporation of additional information into discriminant rules is receiving increasing attention as the rules including this information perform better than the usual rules. In this paper we introduce an R package called dawai, which provides the functions that allow to define the rules that take into account this additional information expressed in terms of restrictions on the means, to classify the samples and to evaluate the accuracy of the results. Moreover, in this paper we extend the results and definitions given in previous papers (Fernández, Rueda, and Salvador 2006, Conde, Fernández, Rueda, and Salvador 2012, Conde, Salvador, Rueda, and Fernández 2013) to the case of unequal covariances among the populations, and consequently define the corresponding restricted quadratic discriminant rules. We also define estimators of the accuracy of the rules for the general more than two populations case. The wide range of applications of these procedures is illustrated with two data sets from two different fields, i.e., biology and pattern recognition.

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