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Authors: Eric Marcon, Stéphane Traissac, Florence Puech, Gabriel Lang
Title: Tools to Characterize Point Patterns: dbmss for R
Abstract: The dbmss package for R provides an easy-to-use toolbox to characterize the spatial structure of point patterns. Our contribution presents the state of the art of distance-based methods employed in economic geography and which are also used in ecology. Topographic functions such as Ripley's K, absolute functions such as Duranton and Overman's Kd and relative functions such as Marcon and Puech's M are implemented. Their confidence envelopes (including global ones) and tests against counterfactuals are included in the package.

Page views:: 4816. Submitted: 2012-12-17. Published: 2015-10-07.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v067.c03

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