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Authors: Tomáš Sieger, Catherine B. Hurley, Karel Fišer, Claudia Beleites
Title: Interactive Dendrograms: The R Packages idendro and idendr0
Abstract: Hierarchical cluster analysis is a valuable tool for exploring data by describing their structure using a dendrogram. However, proper visualization and interactive inspection of the dendrogram are needed to unlock the information in the data. We describe a new R package, idendro, that enables the user to inspect dendrograms interactively: to select and color clusters, to zoom and pan the dendrogram, and to visualize the clustered data not only in a built-in heat map, but also in any interactive plot implemented in the cranvas package. A lightweight version idendr0 with reduced dependencies is also available from the Comprehensive R Archive Network.

Page views:: 2875. Submitted: 2013-07-09. Published: 2017-02-27.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v076.i10

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