Anthropometry: An R Package for Analysis of Anthropometric Data

Guillermo Vinué

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The development of powerful new 3D scanning techniques has enabled the generation of large up-to-date anthropometric databases which provide highly valued data to improve the ergonomic design of products adapted to the user population. As a consequence, Ergonomics and Anthropometry are two increasingly quantitative fields, so advanced statistical methodologies and modern software tools are required to get the maximum benefit from anthropometric data. This paper presents a new R package, called Anthropometry, which is available on the Comprehensive R Archive Network. It brings together some statistical methodologies concerning clustering, statistical shape analysis, statistical archetypal analysis and the statistical concept of data depth, which have been especially developed to deal with anthropometric data. They are proposed with the aim of providing effective solutions to some common anthropometric problems, such as clothing design or workstation design (focusing on the particular case of aircraft cockpits). The utility of the package is shown by analyzing the anthropometric data obtained from a survey of the Spanish female population performed in 2006 and from the 1967 United States Air Force survey. This manuscript is also contained in Anthropometry as a vignette.

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