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Authors: Sandra de Iaco
Title: The cgeostat Software for Analyzing Complex-Valued Random Fields
Abstract: Given a vectorial data set in two dimensions, a representation on a complex domain is often convenient. This representation is rarely considered in geostatistics, although interesting applications can be found in environmental sciences and meteorology (e.g., for wind fields). In such a case, some computational difficulties are related to the lack of software for estimating and modeling a complex covariance function, for predicting complex variables as well as for representing the output results. In this paper, the new Fortran software cgeostat for geostatistical analysis of complex-valued random fields is presented and an application is demonstrated.

Page views:: 1479. Submitted: 2014-01-13. Published: 2017-07-13.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v079.i05

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