epinet: An R Package to Analyze Epidemics Spread across Contact Networks

Chris Groendyke, David Welch

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We present the R package epinet, which provides tools for analyzing the spread of epidemics through populations. We assume that the relationships among individuals in a population are modeled by a contact network described by an exponential-family random graph model and that the disease being studied spreads across the edges of this network from infectious to susceptible individuals. We use a susceptible-exposed-infectiousremoved compartmental model to describe the progress of the disease within each host. We describe the functionality of the package, which consists of routines that perform simulation, plotting, and inference. The main inference routine utilizes a Bayesian approach and a Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm. We demonstrate the use of the package through two examples, one involving simulated data and one using data from an actual measles outbreak.

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