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Authors: Alexander H. Foss, Marianthi Markatou
Title: kamila: Clustering Mixed-Type Data in R and Hadoop
Abstract: In this paper we discuss the challenge of equitably combining continuous (quantitative) and categorical (qualitative) variables for the purpose of cluster analysis. Existing techniques require strong parametric assumptions, or difficult-to-specify tuning parameters. We describe the kamila package, which includes a weighted k-means approach to clustering mixed-type data, a method for estimating weights for mixed-type data (ModhaSpangler weighting), and an additional semiparametric method recently proposed in the literature (KAMILA). We include a discussion of strategies for estimating the number of clusters in the data, and describe the implementation of one such method in the current R package. Background and usage of these clustering methods are presented. We then show how the KAMILA algorithm can be adapted to a map-reduce framework, and implement the resulting algorithm using Hadoop for clustering very large mixed-type data sets.

Page views:: 13202. Submitted: 2016-08-28. Published: 2018-02-27.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v083.i13

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