tmap: Thematic Maps in R

Martijn Tennekes

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Thematic maps show spatial distributions. The theme refers to the phenomena that is shown, which is often demographical, social, cultural, or economic. The best known thematic map type is the choropleth, in which regions are colored according to the distribution of a data variable. The R package tmap offers a coherent plotting system for thematic maps that is based on the layered grammar of graphics. Thematic maps are created by stacking layers, where per layer, data can be mapped to one or more aesthetics. It is also possible to generate small multiples. Thematic maps can be further embellished by configuring the map layout and by adding map attributes, such as a scale bar and a compass. Besides plotting thematic maps on the graphics device, they can also be made interactive as an HTML widget. In addition, the R package tmaptools contains several convenient functions for reading and processing spatial data.

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