ISAP-MATLAB Package for Sensitivity Analysis of High-Dimensional Stochastic Chemical Networks

Weilong Hu, Yannis Pantazis, Markos A. Katsoulakis

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Stochastic simulation and modeling play an important role to elucidate the fundamental mechanisms in complex biochemical networks. The parametric sensitivity analysis of reaction networks becomes a powerful mathematical and computational tool, yielding information regarding the robustness and the identifiability of model parameters. However, due to overwhelming computational cost, parametric sensitivity analysis is a extremely challenging problem for stochastic models with a high-dimensional parameter space and for which existing approaches are very slow. Here we present an information-theoretic sensitivity analysis in path-space (ISAP) MATLAB package that simulates stochastic processes with various algorithms and most importantly implements a gradient-free approach to quantify the parameter sensitivities of stochastic chemical reaction network dynamics using the pathwise Fisher information matrix (PFIM; Pantazis, Katsoulakis, and Vlachos 2013). The sparse, block-diagonal structure of the PFIM makes its computational complexity scale linearly with the number of model parameters. As a result of the gradientfree and the sparse nature of the PFIM, it is highly suitable for the sensitivity analysis of stochastic reaction networks with a very large number of model parameters, which are typical in the modeling and simulation of complex biochemical phenomena. Finally, the PFIM provides a fast sensitivity screening method (Arampatzis, Katsoulakis, and Pantazis 2015) which allows it to be combined with any existing sensitivity analysis software.

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