mipfp: An R Package for Multidimensional Array Fitting and Simulating Multivariate Bernoulli Distributions

Johan Barthélemy, Thomas Suesse

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This paper explains the mipfp package for R with the core functionality of updating an d-dimensional array with respect to given target marginal distributions, which in turn can be multi-dimensional. The implemented methods include the iterative proportional fitting procedure (IPFP), the maximum likelihood method, the minimum chi-square and least squares procedures. The package also provides an application of the IPFP to simulate data from a multivariate Bernoulli distribution. The functionalities of the package are illustrated through two practical examples: the update of a 3-dimensional contingency table to match the targets for a synthetic population and the estimation and simulation of the joint distribution of the binary attribute impaired pulmonary function as used by Qaqish, Zink, and Preisser (2012).

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