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Authors: J. Antonio Rivero Ostoic
Title: Algebraic Analysis of Multiple Social Networks with multiplex
Abstract: multiplex is a computer program that provides algebraic tools for the analysis of multiple network structures within the R environment. Apart from the possibility to create and manipulate multivariate data representing multiplex, signed, and two-mode networks, this package offers a collection of functions that deal with algebraic systems - such as the partially ordered semigroup, and balance or cluster semirings - their decomposition, and the enumeration of bundle patterns occurring at different levels of the network. Moreover, through Galois derivations between families of the pairs of subsets in different domains it is possible to analyze affiliation networks with an algebraic approach. Visualization of multigraphs, different forms of bipartite graphs, inclusion lattices, Cayley graphs is supported as well with related packages.

Page views:: 1799. Submitted: 2016-10-27. Published: 2020-03-01.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v092.i11

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