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Authors: Modesto Escobar, Luis Martinez-Uribe
Title: Network Coincidence Analysis: The netCoin R Package
Abstract: The aim of the R package netCoin is to explore data structures using a number of statistical techniques that share the handling of interdependent variables. The main objective of this analysis is to detect events, characters, objects, attributes or characteristics that tend to appear together within a given set of scenarios. Its most notable feature is the combination of traditional multivariate statistical analysis and network analysis supported by topological graph theory. In addition, netCoin produces HTML graphs using the D3.js visualization library to support the interactive exploration of networked data. Among its many applications, netCoin can be used for the analysis of multiple responses in questionnaires to explore relevant associations, for the development of textual networks, for the study of ecological communities, for audience analysis, for mining large databases or for basket market analysis.

Page views:: 979. Submitted: 2017-06-15. Published: 2020-05-29.
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DOI: 10.18637/jss.v093.i11

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