Bradley-Terry Models in R

David Firth
Vol. 12, Issue 1

R2WinBUGS: A Package for Running WinBUGS from R

Sibylle Sturtz, Uwe Ligges, Andrew Gelman
Vol. 12, Issue 3

Bioassay Analysis Using R

Christian Ritz, Jens C. Streibig
Vol. 12, Issue 5

A Comment on the Implementation of the Ziggurat Method

Philip H. W. Leong, Ganglie Zhang, Dong-U Lee, Wayne Luk, John Villasenor
Vol. 12, Issue 7

EbayesThresh: R Programs for Empirical Bayes Thresholding

Iain Johnstone, Bernard W. Silverman
Vol. 12, Issue 8

A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics

Thomas Lumley
Vol. 12, Book Review 2

Spatial Statistics and Computational Methods

Nicolas Christou
Vol. 12, Book Review 3

Bioinformatics Software Engineering

Robert Gentleman
Vol. 12, Book Review 4