Published by the Foundation for Open Access Statistics Editors-in-chief: Bettina Grün, Torsten Hothorn, Rebecca Killick, Edzer Pebesma, Achim Zeileis    ISSN 1548-7660; CODEN JSSOBK

Vol 39 (2011)

Table of Contents


sparr: Analyzing Spatial Relative Risk Using Fixed and Adaptive Kernel Density Estimation in R PDF
Tilman M. Davies, Martin L. Hazelton, Jonathan. C Marshall
Kalman Filtering in R PDF
Fernando Tusell
LDR: A Package for Likelihood-Based Sufficient Dimension Reduction PDF
R. Dennis Cook, Liliana M. Forzani, Diego R. Tomassi
Hidden Semi Markov Models for Multiple Observation Sequences: The mhsmm Package for R PDF
Jared O'Connell, Søren Højsgaard
Regularization Paths for Cox's Proportional Hazards Model via Coordinate Descent PDF
Noah Simon, Jerome H. Friedman, Trevor Hastie, Rob Tibshirani
logcondens: Computations Related to Univariate Log-Concave Density Estimation PDF
Lutz Dümbgen, Kaspar Rufibach
An Open Source Approach for Modern Teaching Methods: The Interactive TGUI System PDF
Gerlinde Dinges, Alexander Kowarik, Bernhard Meindl, Matthias Templ
lordif: An R Package for Detecting Differential Item Functioning Using Iterative Hybrid Ordinal Logistic Regression/Item Response Theory and Monte Carlo Simulations PDF
Seung W. Choi, Laura E. Gibbons, Paul K. Crane
Nested Archimedean Copulas Meet R: The nacopula Package PDF
Marius Hofert, Martin Maechler
Deconvolution Estimation in Measurement Error Models: The R Package decon PDF
Xiao-Feng Wang, Bin Wang
Computing the Two-Sided Kolmogorov-Smirnov Distribution PDF
Richard Simard, Pierre L'Ecuyer
The Estimation of Item Response Models with the lmer Function from the lme4 Package in R PDF
Paul De Boeck, Marjan Bakker, Robert Zwitser, Michel Nivard, Abe Hofman, Francis Tuerlinckx, Ivailo Partchev
Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models: The R Package HGLMMM PDF
Marek Molas, Emmanuel Lesaffre

Code Snippets

Passing in Command Line Arguments and Parallel Cluster/Multicore Batching in R with batch PDF
Thomas J. Hoffmann
Fast Computation of Trimmed Means PDF
Gleb Beliakov

Book Reviews

Statistical Methods in e-Commerce Research PDF
Nicolas Christou