Published by the Foundation for Open Access Statistics Editors-in-chief: Bettina Grün, Torsten Hothorn, Rebecca Killick, Edzer Pebesma, Achim Zeileis    ISSN 1548-7660; CODEN JSSOBK

Vol 50 (2012)

Table of Contents


MortalitySmooth: An R Package for Smoothing Poisson Counts with P-Splines PDF
Carlo G. Camarda
Data Analysis with the Morse-Smale Complex: The msr Package for R PDF
Samuel Gerber, Kristin Potter
NParCov3: A SAS/IML Macro for Nonparametric Randomization-Based Analysis of Covariance PDF
Richard C. Zink, Gary G. Koch
bspmma: An R Package for Bayesian Semiparametric Models for Meta-Analysis PDF
Deborah Burr
GrassmannOptim: An R Package for Grassmann Manifold Optimization PDF
Kofi Placid Adragni, R. Dennis Cook, Seongho Wu
dlmap: An R Package for Mixed Model QTL and Association Analysis PDF
B. Emma Huang, Rohan Shah, Andrew W. George
The R Package metaLik for Likelihood Inference in Meta-Analysis PDF
Annamaria Guolo, Cristiano Varin
Nonparametric Kernel Distribution Function Estimation with kerdiest: An R Package for Bandwidth Choice and Applications PDF
Alejandro Quintela-del-Río, Graciela Estévez-Pérez
solaR: Solar Radiation and Photovoltaic Systems with R PDF
Oscar Perpiñán Lamigueiro
Spherical k-Means Clustering PDF
Kurt Hornik, Ingo Feinerer, Martin Kober, Christian Buchta
Evaluating Random Forests for Survival Analysis Using Prediction Error Curves PDF
Ulla B. Mogensen, Hemant Ishwaran, Thomas A. Gerds
nparLD: An R Software Package for the Nonparametric Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Factorial Experiments PDF
Kimihiro Noguchi, Yulia R. Gel, Edgar Brunner, Frank Konietschke
ClustOfVar: An R Package for the Clustering of Variables PDF
Marie Chavent, Vanessa Kuentz-Simonet, Benoît Liquet, Jérôme Saracco
msSurv: An R Package for Nonparametric Estimation of Multistate Models PDF
Nicole Ferguson, Somnath Datta, Guy Brock

Code Snippets

Random Number Generation in gretl PDF
A. Talha Yalta, Sven Schreiber
Basic Functions for Supporting an Implementation of Choice Experiments in R PDF
Hideo Aizaki

Book Reviews

R for Dummies PDF
Dirk Eddelbuettel