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Vol 31 (2009) Computing and Visualizing Dynamic Time Warping Alignments in R: The dtw Package Abstract   PDF
Toni Giorgino
Vol 7 (2002) Computing and Visualizing Log-linear Analysis Interactively Abstract   PDF
Pedro M. Valero-Mora, Forrest W. Young
Vol 34 (2010) Computing Generalized Method of Moments and Generalized Empirical Likelihood with R Abstract   PDF
Pierre Chaussé
Vol 39 (2011) Computing the Two-Sided Kolmogorov-Smirnov Distribution Abstract   PDF
Richard Simard, Pierre L'Ecuyer
Vol 81 (2017) Conditional Visualization for Statistical Models: An Introduction to the condvis Package in R Abstract   PDF
Mark O'Connell, Catherine B. Hurley, Katarina Domijan
Vol 36 (2010) Conducting Meta-Analyses in R with the metafor Package Abstract   PDF
Wolfgang Viechtbauer
Vol 61 (2014) coneproj: An R Package for the Primal or Dual Cone Projections with Routines for Constrained Regression Abstract   PDF
Xiyue Liao, Mary C. Meyer
Vol 70 (2016) Confidence Band for the Differences between Two Direct Adjusted Survival Curves Abstract   PDF
Hong Wang, Xu Zhang
Vol 20 (2007) Confidence Intervals for Standardized Effect Sizes: Theory, Application, and Implementation Abstract   PDF
Ken Kelley
Vol 66 (2015) Consistent and Clear Reporting of Results from Diverse Modeling Techniques: The A3 Method Abstract   PDF
Scott Fortmann-Roe
Vol 64 (2015) Constructing and Modifying Sequence Statistics for relevent Using informR in R Abstract   PDF
Christopher Steven Marcum, Carter T. Butts
Vol 83 (2018) Constructing Multivariate Survival Trees: The MST Package for R Abstract   PDF
Peter Calhoun, Xiaogang Su, Martha Nunn, Juanjuan Fan
Vol 5 (2000) Constructing two-sided simultaneous confidence intervals for multinomial proportions for small counts in a large number of cells Abstract   PDF
Warren L. May, William D. Johnson
Vol 85 (2018) ContaminatedMixt: An R Package for Fitting Parsimonious Mixtures of Multivariate Contaminated Normal Distributions Abstract   PDF
Antonio Punzo, Angelo Mazza, Paul D. McNicholas
Vol 33 (2010) Contiguity-Constrained Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering Using SAS Abstract   PDF
Anthony Recchia
Vol 58 (2014) conting: An R Package for Bayesian Analysis of Complete and Incomplete Contingency Tables Abstract   PDF
Antony M. Overstall, Ruth King
Vol 60 (2014) Continuous Global Optimization in R Abstract   PDF
Katharine M. Mullen
Vol 77 (2017) Continuous Time Structural Equation Modeling with R Package ctsem Abstract   PDF
Charles C. Driver, Johan H. L. Oud, Manuel C. Voelkle
Vol 35 (2010) Controlled Optimal Design Program for the Logit Dose Response Model Abstract   PDF
Jiaqiao Hu, Wei Zhu, Yi Su, Weng Kee Wong
Vol 55 (2013) Converting Odds Ratio to Relative Risk in Cohort Studies with Partial Data Information Abstract   PDF
Zhu Wang
Vol 60 (2014) Convex Optimization in R Abstract   PDF
Roger Koenker, Ivan Mizera
Vol 69 (2016) cooccur: Probabilistic Species Co-Occurrence Analysis in R Abstract   PDF
Daniel M. Griffith, Joseph A. Veech, Charles J. Marsh
Vol 47 (2012) Coordinate Descent Methods for the Penalized Semiparametric Additive Hazards Model Abstract   PDF
Anders Gorst-Rasmussen, Thomas H. Scheike
Vol 71 (2016) Copula Regression Spline Sample Selection Models: The R Package SemiParSampleSel Abstract   PDF
Magorzata Wojtyś, Giampiero Marra, Rosalba Radice
Vol 82 (2017) CopulaDTA: An R Package for Copula-Based Bivariate Beta-Binomial Models for Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies in a Bayesian Framework Abstract   PDF
Victoria N. Nyaga, Marc Arbyn, Marc Aerts
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