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Vol 90 (2019) dataMaid: Your Assistant for Documenting Supervised Data Quality Screening in R Abstract   PDF
Anne Helby Petersen, Claus Thorn Ekstrøm
Vol 40 (2011) Dates and Times Made Easy with lubridate Abstract   PDF
Garrett Grolemund, Hadley Wickham
Vol 44 (2011) DATforDCEMRI: An R Package for Deconvolution Analysis and Visualization of DCE-MRI Data Abstract   PDF
Gregory Z. Ferl
Vol 66 (2015) dawai: An R Package for Discriminant Analysis with Additional Information Abstract   PDF
David Conde, Miguel Fernández, Bonifacio Salvador, Cristina Rueda
Vol 54 (2013) dbEmpLikeGOF: An R Package for Nonparametric Likelihood Ratio Tests for Goodness-of-Fit and Two-Sample Comparisons Based on Sample Entropy Abstract   PDF
Jeffrey Miecznikowski, Albert Vexler, Lori Shepherd
Vol 57 (2014) DBKGrad: An R Package for Mortality Rates Graduation by Discrete Beta Kernel Techniques Abstract   PDF
Angelo Mazza, Antonio Punzo
Vol 90 (2019) DClusterm: Model-Based Detection of Disease Clusters Abstract   PDF
Virgilio Gómez-Rubio, Paula Moraga, John Molitor, Barry Rowlingson
Vol 8 (2003) deal: A Package for Learning Bayesian Networks Abstract   PDF
Susanne G. Boettcher, Claus Dethlefsen
Vol 69 (2016) Dealing with Stochastic Volatility in Time Series Using the R Package stochvol Abstract   PDF
Gregor Kastner
Vol 39 (2011) Deconvolution Estimation in Measurement Error Models: The R Package decon Abstract   PDF
Xiao-Feng Wang, Bin Wang
Vol 49 (2012) Deducer: A Data Analysis GUI for R Abstract   PDF
Ian Fellows
Vol 59 (2014) deltaPlotR: An R Package for Differential Item Functioning Analysis with Angoff's Delta Plot Abstract   PDF
David Magis, Bruno Facon
Vol 22 (2007) demogR: A Package for the Construction and Analysis of Age-structured Demographic Models in R Abstract   PDF
James Holland Jones
Vol 8 (2003) Density Distribution Sunflower Plots Abstract   PDF
William D. Dupont, W. Dale Plummer Jr.
Vol 40 (2011) DEoptim: An R Package for Global Optimization by Differential Evolution Abstract   PDF
Katharine M. Mullen, David Ardia, David L. Gil, Donald Windover, James Cline
Vol 36 (2010) depmixS4: An R Package for Hidden Markov Models Abstract   PDF
Ingmar Visser, Maarten Speekenbrink
Vol 3 (1999) Derivatives of the Incomplete Beta Function Abstract   PDF
Robert J. Boik, James F. Robinson-Cox
Vol 37 (2010) Design and Analysis of Experiments with SAS Abstract   PDF
Ulrike Grömping
Vol 29 (2009) Design and Analysis of Experiments: Classical and Regression Approaches with SAS Abstract   PDF
Russell V. Lenth
Vol 57 (2014) Design of Diverging Stacked Bar Charts for Likert Scales and Other Applications Abstract   PDF
Richard Heiberger, Naomi Robbins
Vol 85 (2018) Developer-Friendly and Computationally Efficient Predictive Modeling without Information Leakage: The emil Package for R Abstract   PDF
Christofer L. Bäcklin, Mats G. Gustafsson
Vol 17 (2007) Developing Statistical Software in FORTRAN 95 Abstract   PDF
Robert Gentleman
Vol 76 (2017) DFIT: An R Package for Raju's Differential Functioning of Items and Tests Framework Abstract   PDF
Víctor H. Cervantes
Vol 59 (2014) dglars: An R Package to Estimate Sparse Generalized Linear Models Abstract   PDF
Luigi Augugliaro, Angelo Mineo, Ernst C. Wit
Vol 51 (2012) DiagTest3Grp: An R Package for Analyzing Diagnostic Tests with Three Ordinal Groups Abstract   PDF
Jingqin Luo, Chengjie Xiong
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