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Vol 55 (2013) Costationarity of Locally Stationary Time Series Using costat Abstract   PDF
Alessandro Cardinali, Guy P. Nason
Vol 2 (1997) COVAR: Computer Program for Multifactor Relative Risks and Tests of Hypotheses Using a Variance-Covariance Matrix from Linear and Log-Linear Regression Abstract   PDF
Leif E. Peterson
Vol 94 (2020) covatest: An R Package for Selecting a Class of Space-Time Covariance Functions Abstract   PDF
Claudia Cappello, Sandra De Iaco, Donato Posa
Vol 68 (2015) CovSel: An R Package for Covariate Selection When Estimating Average Causal Effects Abstract   PDF
Jenny Häggström, Emma Persson, Ingeborg Waernbaum, Xavier de Luna
Vol 78 (2017) cquad: An R and Stata Package for Conditional Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Dynamic Binary Panel Data Models Abstract   PDF
Francesco Bartolucci, Claudia Pigini
Vol 94 (2020) credsubs: Multiplicity-Adjusted Subset Identification Abstract   PDF
Patrick M. Schnell, Mark Fiecas, Bradley P. Carlin
Vol 57 (2014) Criteria to Select a Working Correlation Structure in SAS Abstract   PDF
Masahiko Gosho
Vol 53 (2013) cts: An R Package for Continuous Time Autoregressive Models via Kalman Filter Abstract   PDF
Zhu Wang
Vol 44 (2011) cudaBayesreg: Parallel Implementation of a Bayesian Multilevel Model for fMRI Data Analysis Abstract   PDF
Adelino R. Ferreira da Silva
Vol 15 (2006) CVTresh: R Package for Level-Dependent Cross-Validation Thresholding Abstract   PDF
Donghoh Kim, Hee-Seok Oh
Vol 94 (2020) CVXR: An R Package for Disciplined Convex Optimization Abstract   PDF
Anqi Fu, Balasubramanian Narasimhan, Stephen Boyd
Vol 62 (2015) D-STEM: A Software for the Analysis and Mapping of Environmental Space-Time Variables Abstract   PDF
Francesco Finazzi, Alessandro Fassò
Vol 37 (2010) DAKS: An R Package for Data Analysis Methods in Knowledge Space Theory Abstract   PDF
Ali Ünlü, Anatol Sargin
Vol 36 (2010) Data Analysis and Graphics Using R -- An Example-Based Approach (3rd Edition) Abstract   PDF
Juana Sanchez
Vol 88 (2019) Data Analysis Using Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models with R Details   PDF
Carmen Armero
Vol 30 (2009) Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models Abstract   PDF
Joseph Hilbe
Vol 50 (2012) Data Analysis with the Morse-Smale Complex: The msr Package for R Abstract   PDF
Samuel Gerber, Kristin Potter
Vol 17 (2007) Data Ellipses, HE Plots and Reduced-Rank Displays for Multivariate Linear Models: SAS Software and Examples Abstract   PDF
Michael Friendly
Vol 26 (2008) Data Manipulation with R Abstract   PDF
Hadley Wickham
Vol 25 (2008) Data Mining the Web: Uncovering Patterns in Web Content, Structure, and Usage Abstract   PDF
Patrick Mair
Vol 94 (2020) Data Science with Julia Details   PDF
James E. Helmreich
Vol 81 (2017) Data Visualisation with R: 100 Examples Details   PDF
Ulrike Grömping
Vol 87 (2018) Database-Inspired Optimizations for Statistical Analysis Abstract   PDF
Hannes Mühleisen, Alexander Bertram, Maarten-Jan Kallen
Vol 67 (2015) Data-Driven Modeling & Scientific Computation: Methods for Complex Systems & Big Data Details   PDF
James P. Howard, II
Vol 47 (2012) DataGraph 3.0 Abstract   PDF
Michael R. MacAskill
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