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Vol 57 (2014) Bayesian Semi- and Non-Parametric Models for Longitudinal Data with Multiple Membership Effects in R Abstract   PDF
Terrance Savitsky, Susan Paddock
Vol 19 (2007) Bayesian Smoothing with Gaussian Processes Using Fourier Basis Functions in the spectralGP Package Abstract   PDF
Christopher J. Paciorek
Vol 63 (2015) Bayesian Spatial Modelling with R-INLA Abstract   PDF
Finn Lindgren, Håvard Rue
Vol 67 (2015) Bayesian State-Space Modelling on High-Performance Hardware Using LibBi Abstract   PDF
Lawrence M. Murray
Vol 61 (2014) BayesLCA: An R Package for Bayesian Latent Class Analysis Abstract   PDF
Arthur White, Thomas Brendan Murphy
Vol 94 (2020) BayesNetBP: An R Package for Probabilistic Reasoning in Bayesian Networks Abstract   PDF
Han Yu, Janhavi Moharil, Rachael Hageman Blair
Vol 75 (2016) bayesPop: Probabilistic Population Projections Abstract   PDF
Hana Ševčíková, Adrian E. Raftery
Vol 76 (2017) bayesQR: A Bayesian Approach to Quantile Regression Abstract   PDF
Dries F. Benoit, Dirk Van den Poel
Vol 43 (2011) bayesTFR: An R package for Probabilistic Projections of the Total Fertility Rate Abstract   PDF
Hana Ševčíková, Leontine Alkema, Adrian Raftery
Vol 14 (2005) BayesX: Analyzing Bayesian Structural Additive Regression Models Abstract   PDF
Andreas Brezger, Thomas Kneib, Stefan Lang
Vol 32 (2010) BB: An R Package for Solving a Large System of Nonlinear Equations and for Optimizing a High-Dimensional Nonlinear Objective Function Abstract   PDF
Ravi Varadhan, Paul Gilbert
Vol 13 (2004) BClass: A Bayesian Approach Based on Mixture Models for Clustering and Classification of Heterogeneous Biological Data Abstract   PDF
Arturo Medrano-Soto, J. Andres Christen, Julio Collado-vides
Vol 23 (2008) bcp: An R Package for Performing a Bayesian Analysis of Change Point Problems Abstract   PDF
Chandra Erdman, John W. Emerson
Vol 54 (2013) bcrm: Bayesian Continual Reassessment Method Designs for Phase I Dose-Finding Trials Abstract   PDF
Michael Sweeting, Adrian Mander, Tony Sabin
Vol 89 (2019) BDgraph: An R Package for Bayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models Abstract   PDF
Reza Mohammadi, Ernst C. Wit
Vol 28 (2008) Beanplot: A Boxplot Alternative for Visual Comparison of Distributions Abstract   PDF
Peter Kampstra
Vol 85 (2018) beanz: An R Package for Bayesian Analysis of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects with a Graphical User Interface Abstract   PDF
Chenguang Wang, Thomas A. Louis, Nicholas C. Henderson, Carlos O. Weiss, Ravi Varadhan
Vol 61 (2014) Bergm: Bayesian Exponential Random Graphs in R Abstract   PDF
Alberto Caimo, Nial Friel
Vol 94 (2020) BeSS: An R Package for Best Subset Selection in Linear, Logistic and Cox Proportional Hazards Models Abstract   PDF
Canhong Wen, Aijun Zhang, Shijie Quan, Xueqin Wang
Vol 34 (2010) Beta Regression in R Abstract   PDF
Francisco Cribari-Neto, Achim Zeileis
Vol 91 (2019) Beyond Tandem Analysis: Joint Dimension Reduction and Clustering in R Abstract   PDF
Angelos Markos, Alfonso Iodice D'Enza, Michel van de Velden
Vol 44 (2011) Beyond the Gaussian Model in Diffusion-Weighted Imaging: The Package dti Abstract   PDF
Jörg Polzehl, Karsten Tabelow
Vol 89 (2019) BFDA: A MATLAB Toolbox for Bayesian Functional Data Analysis Abstract   PDF
Jingjing Yang, Peng Ren
Vol 52 (2013) BiDimRegression: Bidimensional Regression Modeling Using R Abstract   PDF
Claus-Christian Carbon
Vol 46 (2012) BIEMS: A Fortran 90 Program for Calculating Bayes Factors for Inequality and Equality Constrained Models Abstract   PDF
Joris Mulder, Herbert Hoijtink, Christiaan de Leeuw
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