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Vol 80 (2017) brms: An R Package for Bayesian Multilevel Models Using Stan Abstract   PDF
Paul-Christian Bürkner
Vol 50 (2012) bspmma: An R Package for Bayesian Semiparametric Models for Meta-Analysis Abstract   PDF
Deborah Burr
Vol 36 (2010) BUGS Code for Item Response Theory Abstract   PDF
S. McKay Curtis
Vol 14 (2005) BugsXLA: Bayes for the Common Man Abstract   PDF
Philip Woodward
Vol 64 (2015) Building a Nomogram for Survey-Weighted Cox Models Using R Abstract   PDF
Marinela Capanu, Mithat Gönen
Vol 57 (2014) Building Bivariate Tables: The compareGroups Package for R Abstract   PDF
Isaac Subirana, Héctor Sanz, Joan Vila
Vol 28 (2008) Building Predictive Models in R Using the caret Package Abstract   PDF
Max Kuhn
Vol 81 (2017) Business Analytics Using R - A Practical Approach Details   PDF
Håkon Otneim
Vol 62 (2015) c060: Extended Inference with Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Cox and Generalized Linear Models Abstract   PDF
Martin Sill, Thomas Hielscher, Natalia Becker, Manuela Zucknick
Vol 26 (2008) Caching and Distributing Statistical Analyses in R Abstract   PDF
Roger Peng
Vol 21 (2007) Calculation of Critical Values for Somerville's FDR Procedures Abstract   PDF
Paul N. Somerville
Vol 2 (1997) Calibrate Your Eyes to Recognize High-Dimensional Shapes from Their Low-Dimensional Projections Abstract   PDF
Dianne Cook
Vol 14 (2005) Calling the lp_solve Linear Program Software from R, S-PLUS and Excel Abstract   PDF
Samuel E. Buttrey
Vol 59 (2014) cancerclass: An R Package for Development and Validation of Diagnostic Tests from High-Dimensional Molecular Data Abstract   PDF
Budczies Jan, Daniel Kosztyla, Christian von Törne, Albrecht Stenzinger, Silvia Darb-Esfahani, Manfred Dietel, Carsten Denkert
Vol 59 (2014) Capabilities of R Package mixAK for Clustering Based on Multivariate Continuous and Discrete Longitudinal Data Abstract   PDF
Arnošt Komárek, Lenka Komárková
Vol 31 (2009) CAR: A MATLAB Package to Compute Correspondence Analysis with Rotations Abstract   PDF
Urbano Lorenzo-Seva, Michel van de Velden, Henk A. L. Kiers
Vol 55 (2013) CARBayes: An R Package for Bayesian Spatial Modeling with Conditional Autoregressive Priors Abstract   PDF
Duncan Lee
Vol 33 (2010) Categorical Inputs, Sensitivity Analysis, Optimization and Importance Tempering with tgp Version 2, an R Package for Treed Gaussian Process Models Abstract   PDF
Robert B. Gramacy, Matthew Alan Taddy
Vol 47 (2012) Causal Inference Using Graphical Models with the R Package pcalg Abstract   PDF
Markus Kalisch, Martin Mächler, Diego Colombo, Marloes H. Maathuis, Peter Bühlmann
Vol 23 (2008) CCA: An R Package to Extend Canonical Correlation Analysis Abstract   PDF
Ignacio González, Sébastien Déjean, Pascal G. P. Martin, Alain Baccini
Vol 30 (2009) cem: Software for Coarsened Exact Matching Abstract   PDF
Stefano Iacus, Gary King, Giuseppe Porro
Vol 27 (2008) Censored Quantile Regression Redux Abstract   PDF
Roger Koenker
Vol 76 (2017) CEoptim: Cross-Entropy R Package for Optimization Abstract   PDF
Tim Benham, Qibin Duan, Dirk P. Kroese, Benoît Liquet
Vol 8 (2003) CGIwithR: Facilities for processing web forms using R Abstract   PDF
David Firth
Vol 58 (2014) changepoint: An R Package for Changepoint Analysis Abstract   PDF
Rebecca Killick, Idris A. Eckley
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