The R Package geepack for Generalized Estimating Equations

Søren Højsgaard, Ulrich Halekoh, Jun Yan
Vol. 15, Issue 2

Jackknife Estimator of Species Richness with S-PLUS

Christina D. Smith, Jeffrey S. Pontius
Vol. 15, Issue 3

WhatIF: R Software for Evaluating Counterfactuals

Heather Stoll, Gary King, Langche Zeng
Vol. 15, Issue 4

Proportional Symbol Mapping in R

Susumu Tanimura, Chusi Kuroiwa, Tsutomu Mizota
Vol. 15, Issue 5

Support Vector Machines in R

Alexandros Karatzoglou, David Meyer, Kurt Hornik
Vol. 15, Issue 9